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Rural Outreach and Environment Efforts

Conservation and Promotion of Desi seeds (Paaramparik Beej Sanvardhan): We are into our third year of active conservation of native rice and other grain varieties. We now hold about 50 odd varieties of rice and 5 varieties of local millets. These grains are grown in demo plots on school campus, on a small scale and at the village level on a larger scale. A mini seed bank is maintained at the school for study and for sharing with local farmers. Emphasis is laid techniques of natural/organic farming. This year about 10 farmers from the school neighbourhood have joined the native seeds conservation programme. Additionally, thanks to the push given from Tribal Department (ITDP-Ghodegaon) about 250 tribal farmers from the adjacent Bhimashankar Wildlife Sanctuary region have also joined in the programme on a trial basis. We hope that the numbers will continue to grow with time.

Creating awareness in the minds of the Consumers
Facilitating availability of local grains to school dining hall and visitors to school
Collaborative Projects with other Institutes